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Action - Monalisa herbal powder/Capsules helps you eliminate extra chunk of fats around your belly and major body parts. Helps you look slim and fit in no time.

Removes extra fat of body.

Makes body slim and fit.

Fast results in a few weeks.
Monalisa Weight Loss Powder

Pack Size - Monalisa herbal powder/Capsules is available in a pack size of 100 Gm/10 Capsules.

Formulation - Powder

Composition - Monalisa herbal powder/Capsules contains the following ingredients:

Medohar Guggal Zingiber Officinale Ficus Religiosa
Keshore Guggal Yograj Guggal Terminalia Arjuna
Myristica Fragrance Piper Nigrum Asphaltum Puniabiunm
Anaqua Sodii (Chloridum)    

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