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Relief Herbal Oil 
Action - Relief herbal oil is a soothing oil application which helps repair cartilages and has analgesic and antioxidant properties.

Powerful anti-inflammatory action.

Effective counter irritant action.

Analgesic and antioxidant properties.

Cartilage repair and healing properties.
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Pack Size - Relief herbal oil is available in a pack size of 50 ML.

Formulation - Oil

Composition - Relief herbal oil contains the following ingredients:

Creya Arboria Calastrusp Aniculata Colchicum Variegatum
Bassia Latifolia Ricinus Communis Onasama Echioides
Terpentine Oil    

Action - It relieves pain and reduces inflammation. Used in treating muscle aches, swelling and stiffness associated with arthritis.

Anti-inflammatory action.

Effective in swelling.

Reduces stiffness in arthritis.
Monalisa Weight Loss Powder

Pack Size - Goutclean is available in a pack size of 20 tablets.

Formulation - Tablets.

Composition - Goutclean contains the following ingredients:

Colchicum Luteum Withania Somnifera Asparagus Racemousuwilled
Smilax China Dry Ginger Aconitum Heterophyllu
Pluchea Lenciolata Santalum Album Sugar

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