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Aarogya is the equilibrium state of the Panch Tatvas of human body namely Fire (Agni), Water (jala), Ether (akasha), Earth (prithvi) and Air (vayu).

Diseases occur when this balance is disturbed. To get back the equilibrium Indian Vedas have put down the science of life in form of Ayurveda which is a gift that nature has very generously bestowed upon us.

There is a growing realization of the efficacy of herbal medicines in sustaining and nurturing health. India have a long tradition of herbal medicine. In the past fifty years though, other forms of medicine have enjoyed prominence worldover. Herbal medicine, fortunately for its users, has made a strong comeback. Modern science has confirmed through research and field tests what our ancestors knew through long practice. It has supplemented herbals with adjuvants to increase their efficacy. Today billions of people use natural supplements and herbals with confidence born of well researched evidence.

Mohan ji Herbal products, India is promoted by those who are convinced of the use of herbals in prevention and treatment of health disorders. The encouraging results have spurred research and development to produce herbals in a facility that meets requirements of Agencies in India and worldover.

Mohan Ji Herbals, India has ideally blended the science of ancient Indian Ayurveda with modern scientific research and validation techniques for the herbal medicines to be at par with modern medicine.

Mohan Ji Herbals, India, manufacture and promote various herbal products and natural supplements effective in general as well as complicated ailments. We have a strong Ayurvedic and herbal product line-up in the realms of :-

Scroll through pages of our website to know more about accurate herbal products for your problem. we have categorized our Ayurvedic products according to their utilities and specific body parts. You can also browse our Frequently Asked Questions for your common queries regarding our products. Have a healthy experience !

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